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(1) Genaldo Gonzaga Silva - Valdir Tosta
3 Campeonato Brasileiro Absoluto, 04-09-1969

1.g3-h4 f6-e5 2.c3-b4 e5-f4 3.e3xg5 h6xf4 4.b4-a5 b6-c5 5.b2-c3 c5-b4 6.a3xc5 d6xb4 7.c3-d4 b4-a3 8.f2-g3 e7-d6 9.g3xe5 d6xf4 10.g1-f2 d8-e7 11.f2-g3 e7-d6 12.g3xe5 d6xf4 13.e1-f2 f8-e7
[ 13...g7-f6
A) 14.d4-c5
A1) 14...c7-b6 15.a5xc7 b8xb4 16.d2-c3 b4xd2 17.c1xe7 f8xd6
A2) 14...f6-e5 15.f2-e3 h8-g7 16.e3xg5 g7-h6 17.c5-d6 h6xf4 18.h4-g5 f4xh6 19.d6xf4 f8-e7
A3) 14...f4-e3
A3a) 15.d2xf4?! c7-b6 16.a5xc7 b8xb4 17.a1-b2 h8-g7 18.f4-g5 f6-e5 19.g5-f6 (19.g5-h6 e5-d4) 19...g7-h6 20.f6xd4 b4-c3 21.d4-e5 c3xa1 22.e5-d6 a7-b6
A3b) 15.f2xd4!? f8-g7 (15...c7-b6 16.a5xc7 b8xb4 17.d4-e5 f6xd4 18.d2-c3 d4xb2 19.a1xa5= h8-g7 20.h2-g3 g7-f6 21.g3-f4 f8-e7 22.f4-g5 f6-e5 23.g5-h6 e7-f6 24.h4-g5 f6xh4 25.h6-g7 e5-d4 26.g7-f8 d4-e3 27.f8-c5 e3-d2 28.c1xe3 a3-b2 29.c5-d4 b2-c1=)
A3b1) 16.c5-b6 a7xe3 17.d2xf4 f6-e5 (17...g7-h6 18.a1-b2 c7-d6 19.b2-c3 b8-a7 20.h2-g3 h8-g7 21.c3-d4 d6-c5 22.d4xb6 a7xc5 23.c1-b2 a3xc1 24.f4-e5 f6xd4 25.g3-f4 c1xg5 26.h4xh8) 18.f4xd6 c7xe5 19.h2-g3 g7-f6 20.c1-d2 b8-c7 21.d2-e3 h8-g7 22.e3-f4 e5-d4 23.f4-g5 f6-e5 24.g5-h6 (24.g5-f6?? d4-c3 25.f6xb2 a3xc1; 24.g3-f4?? e5xg3 25.h4xf2 d4-c3 26.f2-e3 a3-b2 27.e3-d4 c3xe5 28.a1xc3 g7-h6 29.g5-f6 e5xg7 30.c3-d4 g7-f6 31.d4-c5 f6-g5 32.c5-b6 c7-d6 33.b6-a7 g5-f4 34.a7-b8 d6-e5 35.a5-b6 h6-g5 36.b8-c7 g5-h4 37.b6-a7 h4-g3 38.a7-b8 g3-h2 39.b8-a7 h2-g1 40.c7-b8 e5-d4 41.a7xh6) 24...g7-f6 25.g3-f4 e5xg3 26.h4xf2 d4-c3 27.f2-e3=
A3b2) 16.d2-e3?! f6-g5 17.h4xf6 g7xc3 18.a5-b6 c7xa5 19.c5-d6 c3-d2 20.d6-e7 d2xf4 21.e7-f8 f4-e3 (21...a7-b6?? 22.f8-h6 f4-g3 23.h2xf4 h8-g7 24.h6xf8 b6-c5 25.f8xb4 a5xc3 26.f4-g5 a3-b2 27.c1xa3 c3-d2 28.g5-f6 d2-e1 29.f6-g7 e1-a5 30.g7-f8) 22.f8-h6 e3-f2 23.h2-g3 f2xh4 24.h6-f4 a7-b6 25.f4-e3 b8-a7 26.e3-f4 b6-c5 27.a1-b2 c5-d4
B) 14.f2-g3?? f6-g5 (14...f8-g7 15.g3xe5 f6-g5 16.h4xf6 c7-d6 17.e5xc7 g7xe1 18.c7-d8 b8-c7 19.d8xb6 a7xc5) 15.h4xf6 f8-g7 16.g3xe5 c7-d6 17.e5xc7 g7xe1 18.c7-d8 b8-c7 19.d8xb6 a7xc5
C) 14.f2-e3?? f6-g5 15.h4xf6 f8-g7 16.e3xg5 g7xe1 ]
14.d4-c5 e7-f6??
[ 14...g7-f6?? 15.f2-e3 h8-g7 16.e3xg5 g7-h6 17.a5-b6 c7xa5 18.c5-d6 e7xc5 19.g5xe7 b8-c7 ]
[ 14...c7-b6! 15.a5xc7 b8xb4 16.d2-c3 b4xd2 17.c1xg5 ]
[ 14...f4-e3 15.f2xd4 (15.d2xf4) 15...e7-f6 16.c5-b6 a7xe3 17.d2xf4 f6-e5 18.f4xd6 c7xe5 19.h2-g3 g7-f6 20.c1-d2 h8-g7 21.d2-e3 b8-c7 22.e3-f4 e5-d4 23.f4-g5 f6-e5 24.g5-f6 (24.g3-f4 e5xg3 25.h4xf2; 24.g5-h6 g7-f6 25.g3-f4 e5xg3 26.h4xf2 d4-c3 27.f2-e3) 24...d4-c3 25.f6xb2 a3xc1 ]
15.c5-d6 c7xe5 16.a5-b6 a7xc5 17.f2-e3 f4-g3 18.h2xb4 a3xc5 19.e3-d4 c5xe3 20.d2xf4 b8-c7
[ 20...g7-h6 21.a1-b2 b8-c7 22.b2-c3 c7-d6 perdido 23.c3-d4 ]
21.f4-g5 f6-e5 22.g5-h6 g7-f6 23.h6-g7 f6-g5 24.h4xd4 h8xf6 25.c1-d2 c7-d6 26.d4-c5 d6xb4 27.a1-b2 f6-g5 28.d2-e3 g5-h4 29.e3-f4

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